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What makes GetTilo unique

GetTilo is the leading wellness platform that offers an innovative AI-based and personalised holistic programme for improved engagement and productivity in your workplace. We believe that each employee has unique wellness needs. The only way to address them properly is by offering a tailored wellness programme focused on micro-rest sessions and professional support.


We proffer solutions that address the root cause of stress for each individual with micro-rests and professional support.

AI Based

Using an AI algorithm, GetTilo books sessions automatically in users’ Google calendars and adjusts the programme based on each interaction with the platform.


GetTilo is always accessible and flexible to use. Integrates well with Google suite, Slack and Workplace. No need to download any app or visit external platforms to use it.

How GetTilo works

Initial Assessment

Each team member takes an initial assessment on GetTilo Platform, which helps us understand their user-specific needs and design a personalised program to boost wellbeing.

Innovative tailored solution

GetTilo creates the right mix of micro rest sessions focused on helping each worker recharge, energise and complete the stress cycle. We combine breathing-based techniques, with simple exercises that can be done directly from the desk.

An AI algorithm learns from each participant’s behaviour and proposes new sessions every week based on the individuals’ interaction with the platform.

Each participant can see the energy recharge details directly on the extension panel.

Extra support

Users can get extra support including more sessions, and mentoring by chatting with Tilo assistant.

Our integrations

GetTilo integrates seamlessly with the tools people spend the most time in at work

Chrome extension

This integration allows users to easily access and interact with GetTilo app directly, from their calendars, without needing to remember extra logins or passwords.

Tilo assistant

Our assistant works great in the Chrome extension, Slack, or Workplace apps. Easy to find and simple to interact with.

Top deals

We believe that everyone should enjoy GetTilo, that’s why we created this fantastic offer for you and your teams


6 Per user /mo
  • Pay every month and let your team enjoy GetTilo fully.


58 Per user /year
  • Pay once for your current team and future hires - without extra cost.
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As long as they have a Google account, the answer is yes! Since we use AI to identify stress causes and create personalised programmes, we can work at all levels of your organisation.

No, we partner with different professional mentor platforms that group the best professionals in their fields

You can implement it in 1 business day, and we provide you with content for the launching campaign 😉

Yes, we are GDPR compliant, you can read all about it in our Privacy Policy.

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