Welcome to GetTilo

Where wellbeing and work are a match 🚀

What makes GetTilo unique

Using an AI algorithm GetTilo address the root cause of stress and creates an enhanced experience during working hours through mentoring and micro rest sessions.


Often, when we cannot solve a problem, have a new role, or need to perform a new task, receiving an expert’s advice reduces the time and energy that must be invested in it.


Micro rest sessions

When we are working all day using screens, stopping for 10 minutes of meditation, mindfulness, yoga or stretching can have a huge impact on how we feel physically and emotionally.

We are where you are

GetTilo integrates seamlessly with the tools you spend the most time in at work

Chrome Extension

With this integration, you can easily access and interact with GetTilo app directly from your calendar, without needing to remember extra logins or passwords.

Slack App

The Slack app recommends mentoring and more sessions when detects you need it. This integration also allows you to access Tilo assistant and get extra support.

How GetTilo works

Initial Assessment

For starters, we will ask you to install our Chrome Extension and open your calendar to complete the initial assessment.

With this information, Gettilo will understand the root cause of your stress and design a personalised programme for you.

Training your wellbeing

Micro rest sessions are scheduled directly in your calendar, according to your availability. In addition, GetTilo understands when you need mentoring and propose it directly in Slack through weekly recommendations.

GetTilo learns from your interaction with the platform, and each week propose new sessions and a highly personalized experience.

Extra support

Through Tilo assistant, you can enhance your wellbeing and receive help to deal with specific situations at any time of the day.

Tilo assistant is built into the Google Chrome Extension and Slack. It is very easy to find and its interface allows a simple and fast interaction.


You can access it from the button “install the extension” or go to the Chrome Extension Store.

You need to open your Google calendar and login with your Google account.

  1. If you’re using multiple screens, check if the login popup was opened on the second screen. 
  2. Check that your popups are enabled. If not, you can go to the top right of your browser and right next to the bookmarks icon fin the option to enable popups. 
  3. Check you’re using the latest version of Google Chrome, if not you can update it here

If none of the options above works, please contact us using the form below

If you haven’t done the initial assessment yet, below the  “login with google” button, you have the option to switch your language language¨. If you already performed the initial assessment, please contact us using the form below and we will do it for you.

Many organizations only allow slack admins to install new apps, if this is the case, ask one of the admins to access www.gettilo.com/slack and install it for you.

Go to www.gettilo.com/slack  and click on “Add to slack” to connect your account.